October 8, 2008

  • Oh dear…

    …I just found out I’ll probably be going back to Boston to wrap up some loose ends from our research trip this summer, and give a talk (eek!) at a small meeting in early November.  November.  In Boston.  Crap, y’all, I’ve gotta get knitting!  I have an alpaca scarf and hat that are pretty nice, but the hat’s a little thin.  I kind of want matching mittens or wrist warmers at least.  And probably a new hat.  A really, really warm one.  And maybe some other cute accessories?  Oh, and warm clothes…about that…except for summers in New Mexico and a semester in Italy, I’ve always lived on the Gulf Coast where, uh, it doesn’t actually get cold.  Average November high in Boston?  52 degrees F, aka 11 degrees C.  I will have to break out my sweaters that normally don’t come out of storage until Christmas!  Any warm hat suggestions?

    Some small knitting updates: The skewed socks are coming along.  I’m past the gusset decreases and onto the foot proper.  And more importantly to my morale, past the location of the big rip from a few weeks ago.  I also made a scarf.  Well, it’s sort of a neck scarf because it’s really short, but it’s the length I wanted, and by being short it was always acceptable bus knitting, which is the only way it got finished!  The clapotis is coming along nicely.  I have about a foot or so of straight knitting left, then I’ll start the decreases!  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of any of these, because I haven’t been around my house much during the day, aka when there is natural light.  These silly things called school and research keep getting in the way.  But someday soon, there will be photos!  Really!  I promise!  Maybe…


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  • you southerner… 

  • Well, I’m thinking, at least you’ve got nice warm socks!!

    Oooh, if I *ever* get to America, Boston is On The List (but, along with New York City, Chicago, Wyoming, Houston, Seattle, LA, any suggestions?!) But I do really want to go to Boston!!

    So I shall go vicariously through you, don’t forget to pack your camera! And the talk? It’ll be a breeze. Truly!

  • Ash, I will be in RI in November…We should get together. I haven’t seen you in years!

  • @KnitTink - 

    @tea7tree - 

    I know, I’m a huge sissy! But I can handle heat and humidity really well. ;)

  • @TurtleKeri - 

    *runs off to check Google maps for the location of Rhode Island* Ooh, they are close! Well, I won’t be able to leave Boston ’cause I’ll be working all day long, but if there was any way for you to get there for lunch or dinner or something, that would be so much fun! =)

  • Definitely a wuss. The highs here are running in the low 50s this week and it’s cool but not cold.

    I think you’ll find that alpaca is warm enough that even a thin hat will be fine. You’ll want a warm cardigan or a coat at night if you’ll be out. You can already get that kind of thing on-line. Buy a pair of lined leather gloves as they’ll be the most versatile. For knits, stick with animal fibers.

    Haven’t you spent any summers in the high dessert with cold nights?

  • @KarenJoSeattle - 

    I will be out late at night, so I’ll be bringing my coat, for sure. Lined leather gloves sound so luxurious! I’ll have to keep an eye out for some. I have done summers in the high desert, bundled up in many layers! It was always at camp, so it was ok to wear long undies and fleeces. We never had to look nice, but that will be expected where I’ll be. I plan on layering sweaters and turtlenecks, and bringing some legwarmers! I’ll have a ~20 minute walk (one-way) each day – that’s what I’m most concerned about. As long as I can make the walk to and from, I can stay inside for most of the day, leaving only to go to the scrumptious deli around the corner for lunch. The last time I was in Boston in November, it snowed, which is so foreign to me, haha. If it stays in the 50′s, I should be alright. If there is a freak cold spell, I will probably look pitifully cold the whole week. Hmm…and come to think of it, I did a week in Seattle in January at a different conference, and I totally survived that! I can so take Boston. Right? =)

  • PS For quick warmth think cowls not entire scarves. Jared has a simple one up now. He has lots of nice hats and scarves, some as free patterns, some purchasable through Ravelry. http://brooklyntweed.blogspot.com/2008/10/morningside-neckwarmer.html

  • @KarenJoSeattle - 

    Ooh, good call! I’ve been eyeing Tudora from Knitty for awhile now, and I really like Jared’s, too. Hmm…I have some Mmmmalabrigo that would be perfect!

  • @ashpags - If you can do Seattle in January, you can do Boston in November. Now Boston in January is a whole different thing.

    You could get some silk long underwear. Much thinner and lighter but warm and somewhat wind-resistant. It will be warm once you’re inside, but not as bad as woolies.

  • Dearest Ashley…when are you going to post again? I miss hearing about your life. We still on for seeing eachother in Boston??? :) Maybe hit up a yarn shop or two??

  • Waiting for photos and a new post :) I hope you are well.

  • i’m waiting too. missin’ you.

  • Ashley, you need to come out of hiding. Tag, you’re it, Sweetie. (See my blog).

    How was Boston?

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