December 4, 2008

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    Well, I’ve been politely requested to come out of hiding, so here I am!  I got tagged for a fun meme by Karen, but I’m going to change it a bit.  You’re supposed to find the sixth photo in the sixth picture folder on your computer, but I thought I’d give it a knitting spin!  Here’s the sixth photo from the sixth folder in my WIPs picture folder.  Hoo, does that make sense?  My Documents -> My Pictures -> Digital Camera Pics -> WIPs -> Ian’s Scarf (the sixth folder in there, alphabetically, natch) -> This picture!

    Ian's Scarf

    It’s a WIP shot of a scarf I made for a guy who worked for me a few summers ago.  It’s 2×2 rib, Lamb’s Pride in black and forest green (not necessarily the actual color names, but I don’t have time to go find the ball bands), and it’s actually not even a WIP anymore, haha.  It was finished and mailed months ago!  But it’s still in that folder because the FO pics need to be uploaded to Rav. =)

    (Also, I think my MacBook, on which I’m writing this post, just died a little inside when I typed that obviously-Windows file path!  The MacBook is for work and, as a brand-new computer, is way faster than my three-year-old Dell, which is where I keep all my personal stuff.  Someday I’d love to do a Windows v. Mac post, but suffice it to say I really like them both.  There are strengths and weaknesses to each OS, and I’m having fun going back and forth.  I’m also thinking of converting an old laptop to Linux, in which case I would be a super-nerd with three computers and three different operating systems!  Woo!)

    And now, back into hiding, for at least another week.  Here’s what’s on the list:

    Finish up some data analysis (~2 days)
    Write 30ish page paper (~4 days)
    Finish final stat mech homework and stat mech take-home final (~5 days)
    Do two different astro take-home finals (~3 days)

    You’ll notice that 2 + 4 + 5 + 3 = 14 > 8, which is the number of days I have to do all this.  Should be interesting! =)

    Oh, and I tag anyone who wants to do this!  It was kind of fun. =)

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  • You keep your pics in folders? Novel idea….maybe I should try it :) Sending happy thoughts your way to get things done faster than you think you can :) My presentation went well! Thanks for thinking of me! :)

  • Thanks for coming up for air when I called. It’s a good photo.

    Back when I worked on a Mac at work I just got frusterated when I couldn’t find the features or menus I wanted, but that was more than 10 years ago and at a hospital/trauma center on a tight budget so they just weren’t there.

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