January 10, 2009

  • I apologize in advance…

    …because I am about to sound like a huge snob.  Why?  Because I totally cleaned up knitting-wise for Christmas!  Family has learned that buying me yarn is not a great idea because I’m picky, but they feed the knitting addiction in other ways.  Let me demonstrate.

    Shooting Star Sock Blockers!
    The greatest sock blockers ever.  I’ve been wanting some sock blockers for a long time just ’cause they are nifty, and found these shooting star ones sold by an eBay seller used by a lady I knit with.  Love at first sight!  And what’s peeking out from the bottom of the picture?  Oh that’s right, I finally have FO pictures of my Pacific Sunrise Socks.  They’ve been done for weeks (months?) but I never got around to taking pictures.  Now, they are officially photographed!

    Pacific Sunrise Socks

    This is the last FO from 2008 (dude, I swear it was just 2007, and now it’s 2009?) and so I’m hoping to do a collage of all my projects from last year.  Thank you Ravelry for making that possible!

    Pacific Sunrise Socks

    I love what the colors of Dez‘s yarn do, especially on the foot.

    Pacific Sunrise Socks

    What else did I get for Christmas?  Knit Picks Options Needles!!!

    Rosalie Scarf

    I’ve wanted a set of these for a long time now, and finally asked for (and got!) them – hooray!  Unfortunately, the zipper on the case has already broken, but I’m going to email them tomorrow and see if I can get a replacement – it should last longer than a few weeks!  On those needles is the beginning of a new scarf (swoon…I love scarfs…)

    Rosalie Scarf
    It’s a replica of the scarf Rosalie Hale/Cullen wears in the first cafeteria scene of the Twilight movie.  (Ravel it. * See the original.)  The story is set in cold, rainy Forks, WA, so there is knitwear galore in the movie, and some really talented knitters and crocheters have been reverse engineering the knits and sharing their patterns, and for that I’m grateful, because it means I don’t have to do it.  (Although, if I can get a good picture of the blue scarf Alice wears in the field trip scene, I’m all over that.  If you’ve seen one, please let me know!)  I’ve been wanting a neutral-colored scarf for a while now  (“How long have you been seventeen?” “A while.”) and this one came along.  Excellent.  I think I’ll be able to get the yarn for Bella’s Mittens soon (tomorrow, hopefully!) so I can make those, too.  Double excellent.

    And with that, I think I’m out.  It’s bedtime!  I hope you got some wonderful knitting stuff over the holidays as well. =)

    ETA: Bummer!  I finished this after midnight, otherwise it would have been posted on my 5-year Xanga Blogiversary!  Close but no cigar. ;)

    ETA2: After edit #8 (#9?) I think this post is finally good to go.  I should not blog at night.

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  • Happy Xanga-versary!

    I love those sock blockers. I don’t even knit socks and I think they are awesome.

  • Happy Blogiversary. Xanga doesn’t let you set a post date/time in the past? Bummer.

    I’ll have to check out those wooden blockers. I want some, but not with sheep or hearts or such on them. Shooting stars ae cool. So are those socks. Very ashpags-ish.

  • I don’t think any fellow knitter will call you a snob!!! That is so cool!

    Erm, as a knovice knitter still, I did *not* know I should block my socks!! Those gizmos are very nifty indeed. (I have just blocked a cowl I finished, and am amazed at how much better it sits).

    And happy blogaversary! Five years is pretty awesome.

  • I am very jealous of those sock blockers! and you are completely right, the colors in those socks are fantastic.

  • i hate the Twilight series.

  • @eretzisraelit - 

    Thanks! And I think what you really meant to say was “I don’t even knit socks YET…” right? ;)

    @KarenJoSeattle - 

    That eBay seller has tons of unique blockers. I think this link should show you most or all of them: http://tinyurl.com/7pafad Turtles, frogs, lizards, you can even get your initials!

    @melissa - 

    Don’t worry Melissa, you don’t have to block socks! If you make lace-patterned socks it will make them look better, and I find it easier to photograph them when they’re on the blockers, but it’s definitely not a necessity.

    @CurrentlyPurring - 

    I know – I never would have put those colors together if I were the one dyeing the yarn, but they turned out really nice.

    @KnitTink - 

    Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. Any particular reason? I was predisposed to dislike them, too, because the amount of squealing is crazy, but I found that I really liked (aka loved and became obsessed with, haha) the books once I read them.

  • five years ?? congratulations !!
    i absolutely love the color combo of these socks !!
    oh boy. i really want to learn how to knit… could you recommand good online tutorials for beginners ?

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