September 27, 2008

  • A Mystery

    Do you remember the BBR Socks that were going terribly wrong?  Well, I ripped them back to the leg and got back to work.  Sometime during the ripping, some clarifications were posted on the Ravelry project page, which were definitely helpful.  I followed them, and got going on the heel.  And here’s what I’ve got:

    Skewed Heel

    A crooked heel.  That’s the whole reason I had the wrong heel on the last one!  I had been working the correct one on a train in Europe, noticed that it was crooked, decided I had screwed up, ripped it out, and worked a standard Yarn Harlot “sturdy heel” which got ripped out in the big rip.  This time around, I figured I’d try the proper one again.  And I get the same dumb crookedness!  Argh.  I’ve counted rows a few times and I get the same number of rows on each side, so somehow my gauge is screwy.  Does anyone have any idea how this can happen?

    The heel is fiddly anyways and it’s somehow really hard for me to remember the pattern.  (It’s only two rows!  But it’s strange!)  I’m trusting that there is a good reason for this particular heel, and leaving it this way.  I figure that once it’s on my foot, it’ll stretch as needed and the crookedness won’t matter.  But if I ever make this pattern again, you can bet that I will be using a different heel!

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  • i wish you luck with your socks.  guess what i’m currently knitting:  socks! hehe.

  • I wish you luck too…sorry I don’t have any useful input though….the colours are nice though. :)

  • There is a quote that a lady at a LYS told me “You know you are a true knitter when you make the pattern yours.” I feel like you should make it yours in your own way. If that means making your favorite heel, then so be it. If the heel doesn’t fit, then you must acquit. Rock on lady! I’m sure they will turn out beautifully no matter what heel you end up with.

  • Try cranking down the 2nd stitch, it is always the culprit, and it will push out the last stitch on the end of that row, so me thinks the trouble is one your purling side.  Its a trick I got from one of my local knitting friends.  Hope it helps.

  • Ah. Well. Total novice as I am, I can’t help, though I’ll be very interested to see how this turns out!  I love that yarn! Am currently working with a Regia by Kaffe Fassett and it’s just glorious.

  • I’m no help at all here, but you have made it clear to me I need to at least start a sock before my Lucy Neatby workshops next weekend so I have some recent sock knitting on board. Thanks.


    the hat pattern.

    and its really really really super easy.  i did it in 1 1/2 days

  • @KnitTink - 

    Thank you! It’s super-cute, and I feel a hat kick coming on…

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