August 27, 2008

  • Preparedness.

    Apparently there’s a hurricane coming.  (A-nother-one.  I’m sick of these.)  In addition to the standard emergency kit items, I have two crucial items that are not on most lists:

    Emergency Preparedness Kit

    1) Toilet paper.  That one’s pretty self-explanatory, but yet not on many lists.
    2) Yarn, needles, patterns.  Duh.  Have you ever been to a Red Cross shelter?  I have.  They’re boring.  So are zillion-hour car trips because the traffic is backed up.  So yarn, my friends, is mucho imporante!  I figure three balls of dishcloth cotton, a book of patterns, and dpns should last me awhile.  Plus I can always rip and re-knit. =)

    Luckily, we probably won’t have to evacuate from BR.  But, if Gustav stays on course, New Orleans and surrounding areas will evacuate, and a lot of ‘em will come here.  Thus the most important preparation is to make sure that you have enough stuff in your house and kitchen that you don’t have to leave home for a week and a half.  No driving.  Certainly no shopping.  Staying at home. =)

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  • good luck with the hurricane!!!!

  • Only a fellow knitter could ever see the hilarity and essentialness that is yarn, needles, and a pattern. I love it! Good luck! I hope you don’t have to evac.

  • Ha I love it…Yarn and needles are a very important essential in an emergency. And the toilet paper too…but if all the drains and toilets are flooded…hum…I guess they provide porter loos or something.

    Anyway…good luck and hope the hurricane doesn’t get too bad or at least calms down.


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    Thanks y’all! It really shouldn’t cause too much damage here, although there’s a good chance we’ll lose power and/or cell service. I filled up my gas tank this morning, which was the last thing on my list, so if it does come this way, I should be good to go. (Famous last words, right?) =)

  • Have been following the hurricane news on CNN – feel desperately sorry for those having to evacuate. Hope you all stay safe where you are!! Brilliant to have knitting!

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